General Conditions

Who can rent a vehicle?

Renting a vehicle from Blindaquo is a simple and secure process. However, it’s essential that you’re aware of our terms and conditions. Below are the necessary requirements for rentals:

Essential Requirements

Minimum Age: The driver must be at least 25 years old.
Driver’s License: You must present a valid driver’s license with at least two years of experience. For foreigners, a driver’s license from their country of origin is accepted, although in some cases, an international driver’s license may be required.
Documentation: Brazilians must present original RG (national ID) and CPF (tax ID). Foreigners must present a valid passport.
Financial Restriction: Customers with financial restrictions registered in their CPF will not have their registration approved for vehicle pickup.


All rented vehicles include mandatory comprehensive insurance. The insurance covers most damages to the vehicle, except for items such as hubcaps, floor mats, radios, and wheels, which must be checked and agreed upon at the time of vehicle pickup.

Renter’s Responsibility

It’s crucial that all general rental conditions are respected. In case of accidents, the renter must present a Police Occurrence Report (B.O.) or its protocol within 24 hours after the event. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the loss of insurance coverage, and the renter will assume all responsibilities associated with the incident.

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