Learn more about the technology that makes our armored vehicles unique.

Vehicle armor was developed as a protective measure against projectiles fired at the exterior of the vehicle. The internal surface is classified into two regions: opaque and transparent. In the opaque region, protection is constructed internally with aramid blankets, and in certain areas, ballistic steel, a material that absorbs the energy of impact. In the transparent region, the glass must provide security against the projectile while preserving the necessary degree of transparency to not affect driving conditions and comfort.

Due to the low intrinsic resistance of glass, the solution involves constructing plates with interleaved layers of glass and polyvinyl butyral, with polycarbonate or miriapyaer on the last layer, forming sandwiches capable of resisting projectiles. The choice of materials and their thickness is made according to the chosen level of protection.

The Technological Process of Armoring

Armored Glass

Original glass is replaced by high-tech armored glass.


Ballistic steel is used in the pillars and other critical points, increasing ballistic resistance and occupant safety.

Ballistic Blanket

Ballistic blankets (aramid) are used in the opaque parts of the vehicle. This material offers high ballistic resistance but, being lightweight, does not affect the vehicle’s performance.

Special Care

Despite the original characteristics of your vehicle remaining unchanged and the use of normal functions following the manufacturer’s specifications, the armoring process involves significant structural changes that, even visually imperceptible, require us to adopt a series of extra precautions in the vehicle’s daily use.

Below are some important recommendations for the maintenance of your vehicle’s armored glass:

  • Front windows typically have an opening of 75% of the total course.
  • However, they should be kept fully closed, and can only be opened in strictly necessary situations or emergencies;
  • Avoid frequent operation of the windows, as the increased weight can overload the window machine (elevator) motor. Additionally, with the window open, the vehicle’s natural vibration during movement can lead to breakage;
  • Never operate the windows when the vehicle is turned off to prevent battery wear;
  • Never operate the windows when the vehicle’s doors are open;
  • Never close the vehicle’s doors when the windows are open or partially open. Otherwise, cracks or chips may occur;
  • The internal surface of the windows is made of extremely sensitive material. To preserve them perfectly, avoid unnecessary touches, contact with objects that may cause scratches. Never stick stickers or seals;
  • For cleaning the internal surface of the windows, use only a soft cloth with neutral detergent or a solution of warm water and alcohol (50%);
  • Avoid driving over curbs, sidewalks, and drains or passing through places where the vehicle’s body may undergo significant torsion to prevent cracks;
  • On roads with very uneven or poorly maintained surfaces, try to drive at a moderate speed.

Ballistic Table

# Level 1 Level 2 Level 3-A Level 3
Caliber .32 and .38 .12, .22, .32, .38, .765, .380, 9mm, and .357 magnum. .12, .22, .32, .38, .765, .380, 9mm, .357 magnum, and .44. .12, .22, .32, .38, .765, .380, 9mm, .45, .357 magnum, .44, Sub-machine gun, and 7.62 rifle.
Application Locations with low risk of attack and no life-threatening situations. Locations with medium risk of attack and involving life-threatening situations. Locations with high risk of attack and involving life-threatening situations. Locations with extremely high risk of attack and involving life-threatening situations.
Example Protection of cameras. Apartment doors. Protection of guardhouses and security rooms. Protection of Governmental Organizations.

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